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Verification Process

 Enhance your business partner's trust in you
In any business deal, the business partners always have the following concerns:

  • is my prospect well established?
  • what is the level of risk associated with my prospect?
  • will my customer pay, and when?
  • how does my customer/ supplier compare with his peer group?
  • can I depend on a supplier to deliver as promised?
  • has the financial condition and stability of my customer/ supplier changed?
  • With the Verified seal, you can help build your business partner's confidence in you. The Verified Seal authenticates the identity of a company. The verification process is conducted independently by a third-party.

    The Verification process is done by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) and involves conducting a check on:

  • factual information on the existence, operations, financial condition, management's experience, line of business, facilities and locations of the prospect
  • special events, as well as any suits, liens, judgments or previous/pending bankruptcies
  • banking relationship and accountants
  • parent company, affiliated concerns, subsidiaries, branches and divisions, referenced with name and D&B D-U-N-S Number
  • Based on the recommendations and report of the third party, the Verified Seal is issued to companies who meet the minimum stipulated rating criteria of the third party.

    Get Verified today at just US$250/year
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